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Weir Baptist Camp is owned and operated by the Southeast Kansas Baptist Association. We are an event center that is available to churches, as well as the public. We have cabins, dining facilities, and large worship building. Looking for a location to have a church retreat? A family reunion? A birthday party? We have the facilities to meet your needs.


In keeping with our Baptist faith, the mission of Weir Baptist Camp is to strengthen the ministry of the Church, equip its members to serve, and to share God's love locally and abroad.



Weir Baptist Camp is composed of 67.7 acres. It is reclaimed mining pits restored to a beautiful campground. Dreams for WBC began in 1957 and the first camp was held in 1962. The girls camp registered 34 and the boys camp registered 31. In 1992 Senator Bob Dole helped WBC receive $75,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to clean up the mine dumps and pits. From 1994 to 2018 the were 7,443 campers registered at WBC. Our records show that over 742 children have made professions of faith in Christ. Over 390 have made re-dedications with 356 other recorded decisions for Christ. That doesn't include decisions made but not reported or shared with the group. God is so good!

In 2010 many new changes came to Weir Baptist Camp. We built Adam's Cabin. Our first new cabin in over 20 years! The barn was rebuilt including a great workshop area. A pole barn was built to store our trailers and camp truck. A new obstacle course was built and plans are in the works for additional elements to be added soon. A playground area was added for the younger children. Archery, fishing, and basketball still prove to be the favorites. 

In 2013 we added a second new cabin, Bethel Cabin. Each of the new dormitory-type cabins house 36 campers and sponsors. Kayaks and canoes were added to our recreational activities. 

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